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Ola Kowalewski


We are in the middle of an important societal conversation as we grasp the implications of smart technologies on our behaviours and social systems. As a Faculty Fellow at Singularity University, I research the rise of data & algorithms and their impact on the digital economy and human agency. There is a need to pause, reflect and develop some intentionality regarding how we treat our data, which tools we let into our lives, and which companies shape our social systems. My work focuses on developing workshops, talks, and methods to cultivate awareness on important issues related to agency in the context of digital capitalism. Previously, I was an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at SU Ventures where I mentored startups leveraging exponential technologies to solve social problems. On the side, I help lead The EARTHLING Project, a SETI Institute initiative for crowdsourcing music for archiving & launch into outer space.

I am always looking to amplify or collaborate with like-minded groups - feel free to drop me a line to say hello.