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Ola Kowalewski



I love to work on big crazy ideas and bring order to chaos. As an entrepreneur & product manager consumed with system based thinking, I obsess with the "why?" of an idea. I help forward-thinking ventures and innovators create impactful businesses and solutions.

Currently I am a Faculty Fellow at Singularity University and previously an Entrepreneur-In-Residence where I mentored ambitious new ventures that are leveraging exponential technology for impact. I also work with a handful of clients to help grow their business & launch new products that ultimately change human behaviour. I've been a guest lecturer at Stanford and teach mission driven entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship. I'm also collaborating with the SETI Institute to build a tech platform creating music being for outer space.

Most recently I ran a medical device startup in infection control, taking a product from funding, development, to patent and licensing negotiations. While at a tech investment fund I worked with founders and executives to shape product roadmaps and marketing strategies. I ran a design studio, produced a radio show for 5 years, and worked on a 10 part documentary on the history of cars for CCTV 10 in China. 

A great pleasure of mine is working on projects, big and small, with original thinkers. If you like to dream up ideas and explore them with curiosity, we'll probably get along.



Imagine a better world and build for it.


If your idea works, does it matter?

food for thought :)


Some of the Businesses & Organizations I've had the pleasure working with

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