Fun Projects

A compilation of projects in film, music and journalism.

A Century of Cars  - Documentary

Researcher for a television series that aired on CCTV 10, China's science and technology channel, with an estimated viewership of 100 million.

Worked on a four person creative team developing narratives and brand-driven content for the writers, while setting the tone for the Chinese production team. The documentary starts with Gottlieb Daimier's car inventions and follows the machine's evolution up until autonomous vehicles.

Kinetic Typography - Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman is one of my favourite physicists due to his playful nature and ability to communicate complex concepts with simplicity. I paid homage to his enthusiastic and straight-up demeanour in this kinetic typographic depiction of a BBC interview except.

Playing the Vibraphone

I am a vibraphone enthusiast... think xylophone but bigger, with large wind pipes and the grooviest of sounds. I composed this vibraphone arrangement for and art video project. I sometimes play vibes with Bill Dowey & the Blues Devils.

Journalist in Beijing

Back in 2010 I lived in Beijing for 6 month, and amongst other things, I wrote for the local magazine City Weekend. As initiation, they put me on the cover of an issue, and NO!, I didn't eat that scorpio... but did try the small deep fried variety. I also got to snap pictures while doing food reviews.