Dimension Of Electricity

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  • Funded by the U of C Office of Sustainability, and the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Displayed at the University of Calgary as part of the "Cut the Carbs" sustainability campaign
  • Exhibited at the IDEAL Gallery Art Space
  • Aired on Global News, CTV and published in FFWD magazine

fun fact

The wind model contains over 1200 turbines that are made from flying glider propellors (paper airplanes)


Art + Science installation that visually demonstrates the resources and land required in electricity generation.


Creator: research, analysis, concept design

core team

Jordan Palmer: industrial design
Jordan Dozzi-Perry: artwork, design


Visualizing Calgary's Yearly Electricity Demand

The installation is a visual comparison of the energy requirements & environmental impacts of five electrical energy sources (solar, wind, nuclear, coal, natural gas). Each model, which is spatially related to the other models, represents the spatial and fuel requirements of generating Calgary's yearly electricity demands with only that electricity source. Installation used 3d printing, laser cutting, dip molding, and lots of sweat.

NUCLEAR -  Each riser represents a different step, from mining in SK to final generation with cooling pond. A red dot represent the spatial requirement of that step.

SOLAR - Only the surface area of the downtown core is required to fuel the whole city using PV! Calgary's road map overlays a lit up PV photograph to demonstrate the spatial footprint.

WIND ENERGY - over 1,200 turbines.

Propellors are made out of flying glider planes, and actually spin!

NATURAL GAS - Gas wells are represented by dip molds with LED lights. 

COAL - mine, generation site, and cooling pond included.

Process & Artwork