Medinovel Inc.


  • Invented a novel antiseptic applicator for surgical skin prep 
  • Developed a series of novel skin treatments used in aesthetic medicine 
  • 3 patents
  • Placed Top 5 at the BCIC New Ventures Competition
  • Recipient of the Alberta Innovates Technology Futures Awards


Medical innovation startup I ran for 4 years.


Co-founder, CEO

Quickie Prep™ - easy & fast surgical skin prep

Quickie Prep™ is an all-in-one antiseptic applicator designed to disinfect patient skin in the operating room that makes surgical skin prep faster and easier. Our team invented the product concept and pushed it through R&D, user-testing, patent applications, and created a functional prototype. As the CEO I led product design, the engineering team, secured funding, and managed partnerships.


Demo Video


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Dragon Treatment™ - Novel skin Resurfacing method

We developed a series of skin resurfacing treatments used for skin rejuvenation. Our novel approach increases the effectiveness of the treatment and healing time.

Tracheal Tube Inflator

We invented a rapid tracheal tube inflator used for securing patient airway during surgery and intensive care.