Clients & Tech Projects

I consult with a handful of clients and constantly tinker with my own tech ideas.

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Entrepreneur-In-Residence at SU Ventures, Global Solutions Program Fellow

I am actively an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Singularity University Ventures Lab Incubator. I mentor early-stage ventures, and lead ideation and go-to-market workshops.

I was also a 2017 Global Solutions Fellow. Located at the NASA Ames Research Centre in Mountain View California and sponsored by Google, the Global Solutions Program brought 90 participants from 46 countries together for a 2 month extensive program. The focus was exploring the use of exponential technologies for social impact and spun out socially oriented ventures. 

My project, called FOOD FROM AIR, focused on combining bacteria with carbon dioxide in a bioreactor to create a high-protein food matter. It both addresses a need to create a resilient food system by decoupling food production from environmental impact, while also using waste CO2 for productive outputs. 

In My Building App Idea

In My Building™ was an app idea I developed and designed addressing my personal pain of purchasing items on Craigslist. In order to test the idea of a "hyper local" craigslist app targeted towards apartment living, I spent 3 days standing in my apartment lobby interviewing residents. The feedback wasn't encouraging enough to keep development going.