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I work with executives and organizations on new product launches and deliver custom workshops & talks related to impact entrepreneurship and technology. 

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Launching new ideas can be unsettling territory. No matter how big or small your project, I'm here to minimize risk and uncertainty. Some areas I consult on include:


01.  Idea stage or company formation

Is there a real problem worth solving? Should I spend my energy developing it further?

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Customer Development & User Research

  • Moonshot Development

  • Mission & Story

02. project planning & MVP

How do I go about tackling this idea? What is my approach? What is needed? 

  • Minimum Viable Product Creation

  • Go-To-Market and Roadmapping

  • Requirements Development

03. Iterate & grow

What are my riskiest assumptions? What can I test? Where can I generate the most impact?

  • Iterations As Your Secret Weapon

  • Product/Market Fit

04. ongoing execution & optimization

What can I automate so that I can focus on what matters? What is the engine that keeps my business happy?

  • Impact Metrics

  • Marketing Engine

  • Operations

  • Accounting

"It's not complicated;

it's just hard"


I do talks for organizations and businesses focused on entrepreneurship and exponential technologies. Some specific topics I speak on are:

  • Business Model Innovation

  • User-Research | Changing Human Behaviour
  • Finding Product-Market Fit in an Age of Information Overload
  • Intro to Exponentials
  • Impact Entrepreneurship

  • Creating Moonshots

Happy to discuss other topics that would bring value to your audience.